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Maximising efficiency, Let us do IT Support and Managed Services for Your Business.

taking IT support to new levels


With managed services being the focus of our IT support business, having the best-managed services solution and global IT support network, that can assist with all your requirements, no matter the area of business or the location, became a critical part of vCloud’s future growth.

With our managed services, your computer network and infrastructure being our objective and prime focus, maintaining your information system is not only important to us but also at the forefront of our business.

As much as we are everything cloud computing, we acknowledge that being a leader in support services is equally as important. We provide support services to any business no matter the size or geographical location around the world.


Managed Services with vCloud Support is the price break you are looking for. We now support per user, not per device. This means you know you are covered if you are using a computer at the office, at home, a laptop, tablet, printer, IP phone or phone.
Thats right fixed monthly cost per user.

worldwide cloud solution provider

Expanding our cloud solutions portfolio, by ensuring cloud computing works and runs anywhere on the globe, and in any datacentre. We continue to test new cloud platforms with the one intention that our solutions are bound to work in the cloud, with no geographical boundaries.

24 7 customer service and support

Now with clients worldwide, we have a 24/7 Global IT Support Network that can assist with your IT issues. Call in on any of our direct in-dials located closest to your region.  Alternatively, you can email us, raise a support ticket or get on live chat from any of our websites.


With services below are used by a majority of our client who allow us to build them a customised cloud computing platform for their business.

These solutions are tailor built and give these clients a platform built specifically to their requirements. It gives them total freedom to work from anywhere and we show them how to utilise today’s technology to leverage the best way to access these platforms.

how vcloud does IT support


At vCloud Support, we take supporting you very seriously. Our goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible and without the need to revisit your problem over and over again.

In fact, if we can fix your problem in under 5-minutes, it’s free, no charge .. we don’t even log a support ticket as some I.T. companies do.

our different support platforms


Being an I.T. support services company means we need to keep up with the best way to get you to register your I.T. problems, to make it easy for both you and us to track.

As a software development company we developed this software to work on every platform with live real-time notifications.

remote access support


When it comes to access and remote access software, we don’t believe in using a solution that is cheaper to run. We use the industry-leading software Teamviewer Corporate.

With Teamviewer, we can ensure we are connected to your device within seconds. That’s how we can fix some I.T. problems in under 5 minutes for free.

adhoc IT support


As much as most I.T. support provider now only supports managed services, we can still provide adhoc support changed by the hour with pre-paying for blocks of time upfront.

Click here, to make an appointment. Then one of our support engineers will then contact you for us to connect to your device and fix your IT issue.


24 7 worldwide support team

24/7 Worldwide Support Team

With a global IT support network, access to support is even better than before. With support team spanning the globe in local timezone.

fixed in under 5 minutes

Fixed in Under 5-Minutes

If we can log in and fix your IT issues in less than 5-minutes … It’s free. That’s right, not logged, no ticket logged, absolutely free no strings attached.

technical experts

Technical Experts

Our technical experts have years of experience covering 30+ years in I.T. We will work with your staff to maintain your businesses computer network.


Fixed Cost $$ IT Support

Why pay per hour and device for IT support, with vCloud Support, we provide managed services …  per-user, saving you potentially hundreds if not thousands.

follow up on everything we do

Follow Up On What We Do

Before we close a support ticket,  we always follow up and make sure there are no outstanding issues and that your IT issue was resolved and successfully completed.

great pricing no matter the size

Great Pricing No Matter Size

Even small businesses need enterprise solutions. This is what we do best at vCloud Support, we build cost-effective solutions .. no matter the size.


Monthly IT Support Reviews

IT now has so many moving parts, we have the team and managers to ensure that all your IT issues are completed. Our managers meet with you monthly to ensure this.


No hand-balling

vCloud is a no-handballing IT company. We support all systems internally, so we don’t need to hand off to another IT support company and wait for them to fix issues.

speaking IT in your language

Speaking IT In Your Language

We try to keep our discussions very simple. We don’t talk in IT terminology. We understand not everyone gets IT systems, how we manage them, and the cloud.

Robert McKeown
Robert McKeown
Testimonial for Trevor Mifsud Last week my computer suddenly stopped recognising the hard drive. This is my main work computer and contained a lot of required information. In a complete panic I messaged Trevor, who requested that I take the machine round to him immediately. In less than 3 hours he not only managed to restore the drive, but also setup and moved all my data to ONE DRIVE to prevent the situation occurring again. I really cannot thank him enough for doing this in the timeframe that he did and would certainly recommend him to anyone who has issues with their PC in the future. Anyone who is reliant on their computer for business should look at taking out one of his support packages. It could be the best insurance you have ever had. I have posted this onto Trevors Linkedin Profile and if any of you agree with this testimonial could I please ask you to go to the post and like / endorse it, so that he gets the maximum impact for the work he did for me.
Universal Osteopathy
Universal Osteopathy
I was having nothing but bad luck with Google, they suspended my business account removing my Google Business listing from google searches for no reason at all. After constant messaging and getting nowhere with google automated bots, I reached out to Trevor, who instructed me to ask Google some very specific questions, and my online business account was restored and up and running again within days. Thank you, Trevor, you were a life saver!
Graham Don Paul
Graham Don Paul
Trevor and his team at vCloud helped me secure my windows desktop with Duo Security. Now, I can have peace of mind that every time my laptop is accessed, only I can authorise the access, because I need to allow connection from my mobile phone with DUO MFA. Thanks Trevor, highly recommended!
Daniel Nugent
Daniel Nugent
vCloud Support has been looking after my email and website, they have been great and very knowledgeable. Trevor and his development team, with their software/web development background, also put together our website. From walking through the design, implementation, and any modifications we needed, Trevor assisted from start to finish.
Ben Last
Ben Last
In a galaxy not so far, far away, amidst the vastness of the IT cosmos, there exists a New Hope: VCloud Support, led by Jedi Master Trevor! As an MSP, I faced many an Imperial tech glitch and deadly tech asteroid fields Just when I felt the force fading, Trevor and his squad of tech padawans came to my aid with their expertise, fortifying my outposts, and equipping me with the droids and tools needed to serve my customers more efficiently Need assistance in the Ewok hours of the night? Fear not! VCloud's 24/7 support's presence is near. They'll have your IT woes fixed faster than the Millennium Falcon navigating the Kessel Run... May the force of VCloud be with you always!
Anna Pappas
Anna Pappas
I have known Trevor for many years, having had him and his team at vCloud help me with various IT issues over that time. Trevor has been very helpful to me with setting up my Microsoft 365, OneDrive and cloud storage so that I am able to work remotely and have access to all my files and emails no matter where I am. Thank you Trevor and the team at vCloud Group.
Black Paw
Black Paw
It was great working with Trevor and his team at vCloud Group on some of his client’s social media projects. Great team to work with, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend vCloud Group for any IT task, they make it all look that easy.
Dolores Letran
Dolores Letran
Thank you to the team at vCloud Group, they were very helpful with getting me two laptops for my girls who are studying VCE this year. Even though the school recommended a specific laptop, Trevor and his team were able to find a better laptop which was faster and cheaper then what the school was supplying. Thank you Trevor and vCloud for all your help ... I highly recommend vCloud if you are looking for IT equipment for education and children computing requirments.

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