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Do you need next level I.T. Support to streamline your agency.

Our support team understand all aspects of your agency, from troubleshooting to keeping you connected while you are away from your office. We are your trusted partner for comprehensive IT support for Real Estate Agencies.

Our Service Areas We Focus On

Providing IT Support for Real Estate Agencies, and giving your staff the proactive edge while they are

online and always protected.


All Network Platforms

We work with all network platforms, on-premises, the cloud or both (Hybrid). We find that 97% of real estate agencies today are running in more of a hybrid network approach.

So building these kinds of networks, your agency will be more cost-effective, and give your staff the tools they need to be more productive … in the office, on the road, at a cafe, or a customer’s office/place.


Applications and Devices

Software, websites, portals, tablets and phones, all have apps and devices that run your agency. Without these apps and devices, your agency comes to a grinding halt.

Our technical support team know, and has some certifications to assist with troubleshooting and managing these devices. We guide you through the process, come on-site, or meet for a quick session.


Managed Services

We don’t do managed services like other I.T. companies, other I.T. companies use a per-device model. We only support a per-user model over the traditional per-device model. This allows for 4-5 devices per user to be managed at one fixed cost.

No matter where your staff are working from, at the office, at home, or with a client, on their laptop, a tablet, phone, or printer issue, they can call to have their I.T. issue looked at and resolved.


Cyber Security

Security is the number one area we focus on regarding your firm. As a business, you receive hundreds of emails, access files on various platforms, and request data daily, so ensuring you have the right cybersecurity model is of the highest importance.

We only use and recommend security solutions that will not compromise your email, files, data and most importantly, your customer’s information.

We Keep You Connected

IT support serves as the backbone of connectivity and collaboration within your real estate agency. Ensuring that your team stay connected and productive regardless of their location, device, or how they are connecting, needs to be seamless. Being at a buyer or sellers property, and getting paperwork digitally signed needs to always work.

Providing reliable communication and collaboration systems, enabling remote access, managing mobile devices, offering technical support, and implementing rock solid cybersecurity, I.T. support for your agency ensures that the team remains connected, productive, and focused on delivering exceptional service to buyers/sellers in a dynamic real estate industry.

IT support plays a crucial role in managing mobile devices used by team members. By implementing mobile device management (MDM) solutions, IT support for Real Estate, ensures the security and compliance of mobile devices while enabling seamless integration with the agency's IT infrastructure.


Document Management

Document Management Solutions (DMS) play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and collaboration among team members. I.T. support within a real estate agency encompasses a range of services aimed at maintaining the technological infrastructure and addressing any technical issues that may arise. This support ensures that the agency's systems and software are functioning optimally, allowing team members to carry out their tasks smoothly.

Essentially, real estate agencies store, and accessing the vast amount of paperwork and digital documents involved in real estate transactions. These solutions allow real estate agents to manage documents efficiently, from property listings and contracts to client communications and financial records. Handling these digital platforms are paramount to the efficiency of your agency.

Integration in these DMS solution with applications like Microsoft 365, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and other applications require a IT support team that know how to troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues promptly.

Need Traning?

In your real estate agency, I.T. support training are pivotal for optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, and ensuring that your team can leverage technology effectively to serve clients and achieve business goals. I.T. support serves as the backbone of your agency's technological infrastructure. It encompasses a range of services aimed at maintaining the smooth functioning of your systems, software, and hardware.

In addition to providing technical assistance, vCloud Support plays a crucial role in training your team on how to use technology effectively. This training goes beyond just basic software tutorials; it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of your agency's specific workflows, processes, and systems. Through hands-on training sessions, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, IT support ensures that your team members are proficient in using these tools, portals, and applications relevant to their roles.

We can also hold training sessions, on-site and remotely via zoom.


Vendors We Work Directly With

As we specialise with the real estate industry, it made sense for us to focus on software, digital signing platforms and print/scanning vendors that would work and support the real esate

industry. Below are a list of vendors we currently work with, or have installed, configured and managed their software before.

Layer 26
Layer 24
Layer 23
Layer 22
Layer 21
Layer 20


Here are some testimonials from IT providers and MSPs who we have been working with.

Rocco Raco
North Link Real Estate

I have known Trevor for over 10 years and in that time, every time I have reached out to him to help me with an issue, I have had at my agency him and his team has always helped.

vCloud helped me set up my email, import emails, and scan emails, and it has never failed me.

Thank you, Trevor and your team, at vCloud Support.


Amy Bignell
ALB Accounting

Trevor and his team at vCloud Support have been great, they helped migrate my email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365, it was a painless exercise, all they needed was access.

vCloud still maintain my email and now provide me Cyber Security to help ensure I have the protection while im work online.

Thank you vCloud Support.

James G.
IT - Melbourne Based MSP

We’ve being using vCloud Group for the past year as our help desk and the support we and our clients have being receiving is second to none, we wish we had done this sooner to be honest.

The best part is that we can be more hands off and focus on sales whilst Trevor and his team handle our support. Highly recommend if you're looking for an IT Helpdesk!

Ben Miller
Cre8ive IT - Sydney Based MSP

It is with equal parts amusement and admiration that I pen this reference for my dear friend and IT wizard, Trevor Mifsud from vCloud Group. From the moment Trevor cast his spell on the digital realm, his ability to navigate the labyrinthine world of IT has been awe-inspiring.

With a few taps on the keyboard and a flick of his magic mouse, he conjured up solutions that turned even the most stubborn computer gremlins into obedient minions for our customers.


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