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Empowering Communities Through Technology

Our IT support empowers nonprofits with reliable, affordable tech
solutions, letting you focus on your mission while we manage y
our technology needs.

Our Mission

Managed services and IT support for architects involve a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of architect firms. Architects rely heavily on technology for their design processes, collaboration, and project management.

    Empower Through Education

   Bridge the Digital Divide

    Promote Cybersecurity Awareness


Our Impact

Managed services and IT support for architects involve a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of architect firms. Architects rely heavily on technology for their design processes, collaboration, and project management.

    500+individuals trained in cybersecurity skills

   200 computers donated to underprivileged communities

    50+ workshops and seminars conducted annually

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Delivering End-To-End, Cost-Effective IT Support For Not-For-Pr

Investing in the right IT services and solutions can make a significant difference in your organisation's ability to provide support to your customers. When choosing a managed services provider for your NFP organisation, you need to find a provider who understands the unique needs and challenges of the non-profit sector. Essential Tech has years of experience working with NFP organisations, and we will provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our IT solutions include 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance, cloud computing services, unified communications, cyber security solutions, and more. We’re dedicated to keeping your systems and network running smoothly and securely at all times, so you never have to worry about the consequences of downtime.

By partnering with Essential Tech, you can ensure that your IT needs are taken care of, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best – making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

Benefits of Non-profit IT Support & IT Services

IT services for not-for-profit organisations include cost-effective and scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of the non-profit sector. These services cover areas like cloud computing for efficient data management, cybersecurity to protect sensitive information, and IT support for everyday technical issues.

Additionally, IT services for non-profits can offer strategic planning and IT consulting to help organisations utilise technology effectively. This typically covers ways to help non-profits minimise costs, increase productivity, and improve data security.

The focus is on maximising impact while keeping costs minimal, crucial for organisations with limited budgets.

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Regular and proactive backups to protect your nonprofit data

Could you retrieve critical donor, volunteer, and employee data if your systems, computers, mobile devices, or storage systems were lost, stolen, or damaged? In today’s environment, it’s more vital than ever to maintain routine, tested, and secure backups.

By optimizing your cloud services and bolstering your internet and network security, we can tailor an exclusive solution to fortify your organization with a robust recovery strategy, ensuring your valuable data remains safeguarded.

Impact and Success Stories

Discover the real-world impact of our programs and services on individuals, families, and communities.



Individuals trained in cybersecurity skills



Schools equipped with donated computers



Community workshops hosted in the past year


Here are some testimonials from IT providers and MSPs who we have been working with.

Robert Mckeown
First Class Accounts

As a Bookkeeper with many clients, it is imperative that my computers are operating efficiently all of the time, I work both from my office and on-site with multiple clients.

On occasions, I need to have the ability to access client files, emails and systems that are specific to them and held solely on their computers. This was becoming a major problem and causing me to waste a lot of time visiting client sites, some up to an hour away on a regular basis for only short periods.

When I discussed this with Trevor from vCloud Support, he immediately offered me a solution.
Trevor then helped me upgrade my laptop to have more memory and set it up two virtual machines so I can access multiple desktops at the same time. This is very helpful and allowed me to access multiple email, accounting, and OneDrive/Google Drive platforms from anywhere, saving me so much time. He also implemented safeguards so I don’t log into the wrong system by accident.

He is always available and willing to help when I need advice on hardware, where to source it, or even just to ask a simple question that I am not sure of.

Thank you Trevor and the team at vCloud Support, you make my working life so much easier.

Mark Morris
Morris & Associates
Specialist Tax Advisors

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to partner with Trevor and his team at vCloud to address all of my IT needs as well as keeping me proactively aware of technology changes to best protect my practice and my clients.

Trevor is extremely passionate about providing best practice results for all of his clients and has considerable experience in tailoring products and services to manage the needs of a diverse range of professionals including accountants and lawyers.

It is great to have the reassurance of having an IT support firm which has not only deep expertise but who also consistently demonstrates a great service ethic which can be relied upon especially where urgent assistance is required.

I would unhesitatingly recommend the services of vCloud to fellow accountants and lawyers who wish to develop an ongoing relationship with an IT adviser that they can rely on and who is invariably pleasant and low maintenance to deal with.


Rocco Raco
North Link Real Estate

I have known Trevor for over 10 years and in that time, every time I have reached out to him to help me with an issue, I have had at my agency him and his team has always helped.

vCloud helped me set up my email, import emails, and scan emails, and it has never failed me.

Thank you, Trevor and your team, at vCloud Support.


Amy Bignell
ALB Accounting

Trevor and his team at vCloud Support have been great, they helped migrate my email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365, it was a painless exercise, all they needed was access.

vCloud still maintain my email and now provide me Cyber Security to help ensure I have the protection while im work online.

Thank you vCloud Support.


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