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Give your child the opportunity to use technology and software to create a learning environment at home.



With the announcement that term 2 will commence and the government is wanting students to study from home, we felt it was our place to step in and try and help with the situation we have all been thrown into.

To bring the learning from home experience to be available to students, different ways of using technology to aid in the learning process, give the students the ability to communicate with one another socially via multiple social media platforms and instant chat to communicate with teachers directly, like as if they where in the school rooms.



Most if not all students will have access to a Microsoft Office 365 account as part of their school fees. From what we understand, most school will be using Microsoft Office 365 application suite for school work and  Microsoft Teams for contact between students, teachers and school staff.

Kids should not be disadvantaged because the spread of COVID-19, the government, education department and schools are doing their best with giving access to internet,  laptops, smart devices and software to the students that require it.



If you are running computer or laptop device which is fairly new, or within 1-3 years old, running Windows 10, MacOS with Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra & Sierra. Then we can assist with setting up the required software which should only take us about 15-30 minutes.

Other supported devices like tablets, especially tablets that have keyboard attachments, hybrid laptops that fold 360 degrees into a tablet and also a Chromebook laptop are other devices we can configure to allow your child to learn from home.


Our rate for this is at $100/hour .. But, we believe that after a few questions, a form filled in by the parent authorising us to connect to do this work and an appointment time selected, we can do this work in 15-30 minutes.

If you meet the above requirements, it shouldn’t cost anymore than $25 flat. If your device is older, it may require updates applied. We will have to have a look a see what work is required to bring your device up-to-date, then we can offer the above promotion.


As much as these are difficult times for everyone, we want to help the children of Australia and child worldwide. We want to use our expertise to give students the ability to continue to study no matter their location.

We want to use and show the power of cloud computing that there are no boundaries to how and where we do things … It’s just a different way to do things, we must push through to move forward.


As part of doing our part to combat COVID-19, we will charge for the first 15 minutes and give a further 15 minutes for free. Giving you the time and ensuring what we are doing is done properly, once your device meets our system requirements.


$25 for 30 minutes.



Follow the following steps:

  1. Visit our appointment booking page at to lock in a time for us to do our thing,
  2. Pay your $25 as part of the confirmation for the appointment booking,
  3. Contact our help desk via one of the follow methods:
    1. at requesting “Remote Learning from Home”. Forward the confirmation email from Calendly to verify your appointment booking,
    2. fill in our online questionnaire by clicking this link here, this is the fastest method to ensure all questions are answered,
    3. fill in the form to the right with your message being “Remote Learning from Home” and we will guide you through the process. 
  4. You will be notified via email and/or SMS with your appointment booking and one of our engineers will contact you requesting your teamviewer ID & password one hour prior to connecting to your device,
  5. We connect and do our thing .. its really that simple.

We are here to help, this is what we do best with the aid of cloud computing.

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