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Are you an MSP looking for additional

IT support or a managed help desk?

Let us streamline you support calls, and issues, with a managed help desk

With our global managed help desk at your disposal, we not only can just pick up the slack to ensure your client’s issues are responded to in a timely manner. But we can take over your entire help desk so you can go back to what you’re doing best … finding new clients or working with existing ones.

We streamline your ticketing system, work with all RMM tools and even embed your business into our phone system, so we answer and make calls on your behalf, you even have your own music on hold.


What does our help desk services cover?


24/7 Technical

Technical Support being at the forefront of our business. Without it, how we manage your business’s IT systems is paramount.

Utilising the best engineers, software solutions and of course the cloud, we make managing your support issue and requests a breeze. Ohh and if it is fixed in under 5 minutes … IT’S FREE!


Dedicated Phone

Having a phone system for your business important, but managing your help desk means, we need to take calls for support tickets on your behalf.

By using the latest SIP and VoIP platform we created a global phone system with mulitple incoming call routes, so when someone calls your dedicated number, we answer as you.


Dedicated Virtual

All our support engineers have a dedicated virtual desktop, configured with a user profile for your company, with all software and settings.

This separates your password database, your access to your own ticketing system, and it means if you need to assist us, you connect on your own profile to assist us.


A world of engineers
and resources

By having access to our own online agency, we have been working for over 10 years, with over 100 engineers in every part of the world.

This gives us access to different areas of IT that may need specific attention. All engineers also work in all timezones were needed to meet specific job migration requirements.

Have access to engineers at

your fingertips
We have over 100 engineers that work with us globally in the cloud

The cloud has allowed us in a way to work together much closer. With the affects of COVID-19 we learnt that working in the cloud as engineers … is the new IT.

All engineers have been working with vCloud a minimum of 6-12 months, we start off all engineers on a temporary basis and work on a per project basis until we understand how they work and what our job requirments are. Then we have them as part of our team to work on on-going projects with the agency.

All help desk and technical support staff work on a full-time basis exclusively for the vCloud Group. We do this so when your clients call for technical support, they are always talking to the same people who know their systems, not just a contractor answering calls.

We cover all area’s of I.T., from technical support to some very complex system to email migrations.



As we have moved to more a global cloud computing service provider, having a Global IT Support Network, that can assist with all your I.T. requirements, no matter the area of business or the location, became a critical part of vCloud’s future growth.

With I.T. support and management of your computer network and infrastructure being our objective and prime focus, maintaining your information system is not only important to us but also at the forefront of our business.

As much as we are everything cloud computing, we acknowledge that being a leader in support services is equally as important. We provide support services to any business no matter the size or geographical location around the world.



With so many ways we can do technical support, ie: phone, email or livechat, we still choose to do phone support. While other IT companies are trying to trim support by moving support over to email and livechat only … we rather pick up the phone and call customers to fix their support issues.

With four (4) different tiers of support:

  • Level 1 – Local Desktop Support Only
  • Level 2 – Virtual Desktop with access to server and hosting resources
  • Level 3 – Server Support with access to hosting and cloud networks
  • Level 4 – Access to engineers outside vCloud Support Team.

Level 1/2 help desk technical support is available 24/7, Level 3/4 is available by appointment only or on mission-critical support issues.

We will have a support engineer to work on your support issues, within your timezone, so you do need to worry about being up at different times, or be concerned about work outside your business hours. We will always be a phone call away if you need help.




At the heart of the vCloud Group team is a hidden team, the software, and web development teams. This team manages the smarts behind vCloud Group.

From time to time we look for software and web solution online,  that don’t really meet our requirements, or it does 80% of what we are looking for, and 20% we find is the most important feature are missing. In these situations, we end up developing our own system.

When we came to look for a specialised ticketing system that could meet our requirements, we simply couldn’t find one. Our ticketing system has been developed for over 8 years and is in the middle of a full redevelopment.

To take this further, we are now developing this system to support multi-MSP supported. It will be one ticketing platform for all support tickets and issue management. It will come with full integration to email, SMS, live notifications, and white-labeling.

This is a new feature of the vCloud Support Help Desk, and will be coming in quarter two of 2023 and will be customisable and able to be white labeled with your colours and logos.



As part of doing all your support work, we also allocate telephone and virtual desktop resources to your business.

Our VoIP phone system is globally based, we allocate you a telephone number so you can forward support calls. We make phone calls to call your clients back or follow up, they will see this dedicated number come up on their phones. We can set up your IVR in our system, so when your customers press one (1) for support on your phone system after the call is forwarded, the same prompt plays on our phone system, making the integration and forwarding seamless.

All engineers that work on the vCloud Support Help Desk are allocated a virtual desktop. On this virtual desktop, we set up a profile for just your company. All access to email, software, your RMM tool, password database, SharePoint, and OneDrive folders are all configured in this profile.

When there are technical support issues that are unique to your customers, you can even remote into this profile to assist us and troubleshoot.




With all our help desk services, all you pay is hourly for Adhoc technical support or a fixed rate … and everything else is included.

What you get with our help desk service:

  • access to our worldwide support team 24/7
  • access to all levels of support 1-4 (different rates may apply)
  • a dedicated VoIP number for us to make and receive calls
  • all calls answer with your company name, plus “Help Desk”
  • a dedicated profile on all our engineer’s virtual desktop
  • remote access to assist us, when there are trick issues to deal with a dedicated account manager to coordinate and liase with your team, and manage 2FA

You can hand over some, or all clients to us, we work with your team to fine-tune how you work with your clients to ensure the way you do things is done the same by us. Giving you the freedom to concentrate on building your business, while we take care of the everyday support issues.



All RMM Tools are different, but they all do one thing in common. They are all great at monitoring the management of your information systems for your customers, but they can do far more than that, RMM is also about automation.

Our theory is, if we need to do something more than once or twice, then we just automate it. Building automation helps streamline the execution of support issues, and also ensures tasks are executed the same way every time.

What we do with automation in your RMM is we can add:

  • Scripted: Download and install via PowerShell
  • Auto Installs: Using Ninite and Chocolatey (whats supported by the RMM tool)
  • Patch Management: Windows, macOS, and Linux Updates
  • Run Commands: Execute tasks without connecting to the desktop

Being good at using these RMM tools is really one of our focus points. If we can build automation for you in the tools you pay for, in hindsight, we are saving you money on what you need to spend with vCloud Support to do these tasks manually.




Do you have services missing from your services portfolio?

Let us help you, we don’t want you to resell our services, we will set it all up for you, from finding the right vendors to setting up the services for your customer so you can bill directly and make all the money.

Services like:

We are not interested in eating into your profits to make money, we would rather help you set up the solutions so you can resell directly to your client base. If you would like us to continue setting up your clients with these services through your own solutions we are happy to and just charge you to set them up on a per-project basis.



Testing and using RMM tools comes hand in hand with running a managed help desk. Using these tools for over 12 years we have worked on
all these RMM tools and more.



Here are some testimonials from IT providers and MSPs who we have been working with.

We’ve being using vCloud Group for the past year as our help desk and the support we and our clients have being receiving is second to none, we wish we had done this sooner to be honest.

The best part is that we can be more hands off and focus on sales whilst Trevor and his team handle our support. Highly recommend if you're looking for an IT Helpdesk!

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James G.
James G., IT - Melbourne Based MSP

It is with equal parts amusement and admiration that I pen this reference for my dear friend and IT wizard, Trevor Mifsud from vCloud Group. From the moment Trevor cast his spell on the digital realm, his ability to navigate the labyrinthine world of IT has been awe-inspiring.

With a few taps on the keyboard and a flick of his magic mouse, he conjured up solutions that turned even the most stubborn computer gremlins into obedient minions for our customers. Read More
Ben Miller
Ben Miller, Cre8ive IT - Sydney Based MSP

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