Paul Muscat

Meet Paul, the youngest member of our team. His passion for all things IT ignites his journey into the dynamic world of cybersecurity. From a young age, Paul’s fascination with computers sparked a relentless curiosity, driving him to play with different areas within the information technology space. From building desktops to changing hard drives in laptops, building crypto mining servers and rigs, and then setting up and optimising the software, Paul understands a computer system’s hardware and software levels.

As Paul’s proficiency in IT grew, so did his awareness of the pressing need for cybersecurity in our increasingly interconnected world. Protecting vital information against malicious threats is a crucial area of Paul building his cybersecurity knowledge and profile and mastering the art of cybersecurity.

Driven by a hunger for knowledge, Paul’s other areas are the help desk knowledge base, documentation, and creating processes, whether for a new cloud network build or for maintaining previous processes. Paul’s meticulous approach ensures that a process can be followed by anyone, even someone who does not have a technical background.