Jo Ann Villamer

Meet Jo Ann, who came with a proven track record in managing a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Jo has provided the glue for vCloud Group. Managing all the technical support engineers and ensuring they stay on track with all technical support tickets. Whether its assigning a ticket to an engineer, to following up and making sure the job is completed from the engineer side, and ensuring with customers that the job is completed and can be closed and sent to billing.

Jo also manages all incoming phone calls and allocates them to the required team member, she has extensive knowledge of using our job management and time billing system. When Jo started at vCloud Group, there was only a ticketing system, but no job management and billing system. With Jo help, testing and many discussions over Zoom, we internally developed what we call the vCloud OneSync management system.

Jo’s with vCloud Group provided her with invaluable insights into the complex ecosystem of IT infrastructure and client management.